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Ways To Make Money Online In India 2021 without scam or Investment

Although the internet cannot offer you with instant riches, it can assist you in building long-term wealth.

Here are a few brief pointers for you:

  • The bulk of those who offer data entry jobs are Scams. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • There are no quick ways to make money outside crime and frauds. Both should be avoided at all costs.
  • Take out a personal loan if you urgently require funds and work carefully to repay it as soon as possible.

You can make a lot of money online if you work hard enough and,

  • If you want to learn a new skill (like content writing, SEO, design, or video editing)
  • You can create a profitable blog and start earning money in 6-8 months if you work hard enough.
  • All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, and a budget of less than Rs. 5,000 to start an online business.

The only approach to reach life success is to learn (a profitable talent) and invest in our knowledge.

1. Freelancing

If you’re a good programmer, designer, or marketer, there are plenty of paid online employment in India. All you need is a little bit of patience and a strong desire to learn more.

Two skills are required to be a successful freelancer. Your primary skill comes first, followed by marketing. If you’re not a natural marketer, engage an expert to help you design your profile. You must be able to communicate effectively in order to get clients.

2. Share/Stock Trading

A freelancing work does not require any money, but a stock trading career must.

You may make money online by stock trading if you know how to pick the right stock. You’ll need a demat and trading account to start trading.

I must caution you that stock trading might result in financial loss, so start with less money and take more time to learning the fundamentals.

Because they charge a flat price of Rs 20 per trade, regardless of trade volume, discount brokers are perfect for intraday trading.

3. Consulting

You can market your expertise and advice to a vast number of people. You don’t have to be an expert in one topic to become a consultant or teacher; all you have to do is outperform your pupil or customer.

If you have a core competitive talent, become a consultant and attract clients online. You can develop a website and start attracting clients online if you are a legal or financial expert, for example.

You can either monetize your existing skills or find new ways to make money online.

Don’t expect to make a lot of money quickly if you don’t have any skills.

I’ll say it again: you can develop online skills in a few months of devoted practice.

4. Make Money Online from YouTube

You may not be aware that YouTube may earn you millions of dollars. Again, this is not a simple option, but it is one that anyone who can make and post films on a specific topic may take advantage of.

Two categories of people can develop successful YouTube channels: those who make amusing and entertaining videos, and those who provide really valuable films for a niche audience (like students, mothers, housewives, tech geeks).

Many information regarding how to earn money from YouTube can be found on the Internet, including examples of successful people who have made money on YouTube, a step-by-step procedure for building a YouTube channel, marketing and developing your channel, and tools for generating and promoting videos.

5. Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have limitless earning possibilities. Hey, I’m not attempting to amuse you. For a single tweet or Facebook post, some people would charge as much as 20,000 rupees.

Here are some of the techniques I’m aware of to generate money on Facebook. I paid administrators money to promote my content on Facebook pages (not to confuse with Facebook advertisements).

The social media fan network is a tremendous tool for such people, especially when the majority of them work in the entertainment business. Instagram accounts can be used to gain money by those in the fashion and entertainment industries. You can see how lucrative BhakSala, Gabbar Singh, and StoryPick’s fan bases are for any firm that wants to advertise on such pages by looking at their fan bases.

6. Buy and Sell Domains

You may not realise it, but you may rent your website if it receives a lot of traffic. This approach of making money online was discovered while I was working with a customer in the real estate market. He hired a website from someone who already had traffic from people trying to buy a home in his neighbourhood, rather than beginning from scratch.

You can also sell your domain if it has a high SEO score (Domain Authority) or if it has a distinctive name. Buffer, my favourite social media scheduling company, spent $600,000 for buffer.com last year.

Similarly, you can buy expired domains and resale them to anyone who need them for a profit. To be honest, domain trading is a difficult business to get into, and you must be an expert even before you start, or you will lose money.

If you already possess a domain that you aren’t using, you can try selling it on Flippa.com.

7. Content Writing

Start writing straight immediately if you enjoy it. Many pros are eager to teach you how to write effective website copy.

Believe me when I say that many companies are looking for skilled writers, but finding writers who can write properly is difficult. It’s possible that you’ll be the next one. Each article will cost somewhere between 5,000 and 20,000 rupees if written by a competent writer.

Note: If you think you can write well but don’t have any clients, you can send samples of your work to them via email. These companies may be able to present you with some excellent clientele.

8. Blogging

There are two ways to get money from your writing skills.

By writing to someone, you can make money straight away.
Write for yourself and earn money slowly but gradually.

The difference between working as a freelancer and operating a business is this. Your blog might be your online business, but it will take time to create an audience. However, once your site begins to generate revenue, it will continue to generate revenue even when you are sleeping.

9. Affiliate Marketing

It’s similar to creating a store when it comes to starting an affiliate marketing firm. Sign up with stores like Amazon and Flipkart and promote your favourite products on your website and social media to make a decent living.

I’m talking about affiliate marketing separately because it can be used with any form of online business; in fact, some people make money through affiliate marketing without even owning a website.

I just made a list of my favourite books and provided an Amazon link so that anyone interested may buy them.

Three clients ordered on the same day, and I received a small affiliate commission. If someone goes to the Amazon website after clicking on your link.

10. Open a Digital Store (Shopify, Woo-Commerce or Marketplaces)

To sell on an internet site, you must have certain items in mind, such as gadgets, luxury jewellery, or handkerchiefs.

You should begin with establishing an idea, putting together a store, and collecting goods/services, locating clients


I hope this Article was helpful in giving you some ideas on how to start making money online. This Article may answer similar questions as below if you have any:

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