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Our Motto

Helping Everyone Trade Profitably

Here we provide you the signals to trade in F&O, also in Cash and F&O segments with 100% safe strategy that is profitable with high accuracy. Traders can save time and money with us. No need to pay a single rupee. It’s all FREE..

We believe in partnering with you. We help traders to ride the market direction with safe and secure trading strategies. We make sure you earn profit.


Founder, CEO of Geldbox Investments

What You Will Get?

Safe Alerts!

We provide profitable stock alerts time to time backed by concrete research and analysis.


Our calls are generally based in cash and derivatives. (We do not trade in currencies)


Recommendations will be sent through Telegram channel during the trading hours only to the selected Active Traders.


We aim for a 90% strike rate on average over the long run. We urge our clients to take calls based on our alerts and trade responsibly.


It’s all about probability, not certainty. But, our past recommendations have made 90% of the traders profitable.


You stay DISCIPLINED – that’s what you all need to do.

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What makes us Better?


We dig deeper to understand the market. Our methods are very much objective to huge trading opportunities.


We provide on-time entry and exit alerts ensuring profitability.


Transforming Average Indian Into High Profitable Professional Trader


We do not charge anything for the trading recommendations.



Master The Skill

Master the Skill of spread-based Strategic Trading.

Trade Anytime

Trade In Any Time frame and Market Segments

Know Right

Know the Right Track to be a Successful Trader

Direct Support

Get Direct Mentorship Support and Guidance to Speed up Your Growth


Improve Your Confidence and Consistency

100% Guarantee

Achieve 100% success rate and guaranteed profit

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Meet our Mentor

Manas is recognised as a leading authority in turning novice traders into professional traders.

In less than 10 years, he has successfully transformed his trading experience to help people to master the trading skill & become Professional Trader.

Over these years, Manas has empowered 500+ Traders to maximise their profits and secure a prosperous livelihood with his most successful trading strategies.


I started following Manas's trading signals a few months ago, and I'm so glad I did! His insights are spot-on, and I've made some significant profits thanks to his recommendations. He's the real deal!
Suchit Pradhan
Manas is a true expert in the stock market. His signals are always accurate, and I've never lost money following his advice. He's helped me grow my portfolio significantly, and I'm so grateful for his guidance.
Restaurant Owner
I'm a novice investor, and I was hesitant to start trading stocks. But Manas's signals have made it so easy and profitable. I'm up over 20% since I started following his advice, and I'm confident that I'll continue to make money with his help.
Biswajit Behera
Private Employee
Manas is a lifesaver! He's taken the guesswork out of trading, and I'm finally making money in the stock market. I highly recommend his signals to anyone who wants to make consistent profits.
Graphic Designer
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1. What is this community about?

A trading signal community is a group of traders who share trading ideas and recommendations with each other. These communities can be found online or in person, and they can be a great way to learn about new trading strategies and get insights from experienced traders.

2. What are the benefits of joining this community?
  • Access to free trading signals: Many trading signal communities provide their members with free trading signals. These signals can help you make more informed trading decisions and potentially increase your profits.
  • Learning from experienced traders: Trading signal communities can be a great place to learn from experienced traders. You can ask questions, get feedback on your trading strategies, and learn about new trading techniques.
  • Building a network of traders: Trading signal communities can help you build a network of traders. This network can be a valuable source of information and support.
3. What should I do once I join a trading signal community?
  • Introduce yourself: Introduce yourself to the community and let them know what you are hoping to get out of the community.
  • Participate in discussions: Participate in discussions and ask questions. This is a great way to learn from other traders and get insights.
  • Follow trading signals: We do our research before passing a signal. Make sure you understand the signals before you act on them.
4. Is it possible to make profit by following trading signals?

Yes, it is possible to make profit by following trading signals. However, it is important to remember that there is no guaranteed success in trading. Even if you follow the best trading signals, there is always a risk of making loses, but at the end of the day, the profitability is derived by the difference between your profit and loses.

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