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12 of the Best Cash-Back Apps of 2021

Cash-back apps make it easier to save money on a regular basis.

The trick to creating wealth is automating your finances, whether it’s for paying bills or saving money. Cash-back apps can help you achieve this goal by giving you discounts, rebates, or points that you can use on future purchases.

This isn’t a high-stakes wager. It’s more of a “penny saved” scenario. It does, however, aid in the development of a money-saving mindset.

What is a cash-back app?

A cash back app gives you a rebate or a coupon for a further discount on a purchase. Some apps provide points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

12 of the best cash-back apps of 2021

We have discovered some of the most popular cash-back apps. With a search for ‘cash back’ on the iOS App Store and play store, we were able to limit the field down. A minimum of 25,000 reviews and a rating of 4.25 stars or higher were also required. These apps are also available on Google Play for Android smartphones.

1. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is one of those competitors catching up to Ibotta in terms of popularity and, more importantly, grocery savings. You can earn rewards points redeemable for gift cards by taking a photo of your receipt.

Customers Feedback: Fetch fans like the app’s ease, but some have balked at the 14-day limit to submit receipts.

Best for: Redeeming grocery receipts for points applied to various rewards.

Download: Android, iOS.

2. Ibotta

Whether you’re shopping in person, online, travelling, or dining out, botta promises cash back. There aren’t any promo codes or coupons to keep track of. You search the app for offers you like, then either buy the item with a loyalty card or through the app with a supported debit card and upload a photo of your receipt after the purchase, or buy the item with a loyalty card or through the app with a supported debit card.

Customers Feedback: Users have complained about having to watch a video to unlock a discount or having trouble matching the actual item purchased to a specific promotion on Ibotta. Ibotta remains the most popular cash back app in the iOS store, with nearly a million reviews – yet the competition is gaining ground.

Best for: Cash back on a wide variety of shopping options.

Download: Android, iOS.

3. GetUpside

This app seeks to deliver cash-back deals from grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations, among other places.

Customers Feedback: Many users like the idea of getting money back on gas purchases, while some grumble about the small number of gas stations that participate in some locations. Users have had mixed reactions to a new check-in function that uses a saved credit card instead of uploading receipts at participating stations.

Best for: Cash back on gasoline purchases.

Download: Android, iOS.

4. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot, one of the first cash-back apps, is primarily a coupon finder, but it also allows users to activate online offers, submit receipts, and scan barcodes for savings.

Customers Feedback: Some shoppers have praised the app’s simplicity and location-based discount discovery for years.

Best for: In-store discounts delivered by your location.

Download: Android, iOS.

5. Dosh

Dosh expands its retail and dining-out discount offerings to include hotels. Cash back offers are put into the Dosh wallet after a credit or debit card is linked to the app. The money can then be transferred to bank accounts, PayPal accounts, or Venmo accounts. Rewards can also be donated to charitable organisations.

Customers Feedback: Some App Store reviewers like that there is no need to scan a receipt to get cash back, while others aren’t fond of the maintenance fees that appear to be paid to inactive users. Purchases must also be made with a credit card rather than a debit card.

Best for: Earning automatic rebates without scanning receipts.

Download: Android, iOS.

6. Coupons.com

The Coupons.com app excels at managing grocery shop coupons. By linking your store loyalty card to the app and selecting a coupon, discounts are automatically applied. You can upload a snapshot of your paper receipt if you shop at a retailer that does not have a loyalty programme. The reimbursement is applied to your PayPal account once it has been approved.

Customers Feedback: Users have been reporting technical challenges with coupon printing in recent months. The app’s digital coupon feature is recommended by the creators.

Best for: Tapping rewards linked to grocery store loyalty programs.

Download: Android, iOS.

7. CoinOut

CoinOut is another receipt-scanning cash-back app that claims to have no fees and requires no financial information. You don’t have to shop at a specific store, look for a coupon, or look for a good offer. You simply upload a receipt and the software takes care of the rest.

Customers Feedback: Many of the most recent customer evaluations express dissatisfaction with the rewards.

Best for: Getting cash-back savings without searching for particular retailers.

Download: Android, iOS.

8. Receipt Hog

This programme not only gives you cash back for shopping, but it also makes it fun with sweepstakes, bonuses, and coin-paying Hog Slots spins. Reward points can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards or cash deposited into your PayPal account. You can even dress up your Receipt Hog avatar (and buy clothing for it).

Customers Feedback: Receipt The sweepstakes is popular among hog fans, who claim the app is simple to use. Some users are so engrossed in the game that a change in the pig icon’s appearance has been discussed.

Best for: Adding an element of fun to cash-back rewards.

Download: Android, iOS.

Other cash-back apps to consider

Because cash-back apps are all about saving little sums of money over time, you’ll want to choose one that you enjoy using and doesn’t demand much effort. Even if these apps have a somewhat lower rating, they are still worth considering:

9. Shopkick

Rewards, known as “kicks,” are available in-store or online and payable as gift cards.

Download: Android, iOS.

10. Drop

Points are earned without scanning receipts or clipping coupons. Everything occurs within the app.

Download: Android, iOS.

11. Swagbucks

If you like sharing your opinion on products and taking surveys, Swagbucks may be just what you’re looking for.

Download: Android, iOS.

12. Rakuten

Rakuten is a high-profile cash-back app gaining momentum after rebranding its Ebates acquisition to the parent company’s name in 2019.

Download: Android, iOS.

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